Beef Snack Sticks, 1 x pkg of 3


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Rain Crow Ranch Grassfed Beef Sticks are the perfect carry along protein snack. Made of their 100% grassfed beef they are convenient but also healthy. RCR grassfed beef is certified grassfed and grass-finished by the American Grassfed Association (AGA). RCR grassfed beef is also certified for high animal welfare by Animal Welfare Approved (AWA).

Rain Crow Ranch GrassFed Beef Sticks contain no MSG, nitrates or nitrites except for those naturally occurring in celery powder or cherry powder. The beef has never ever been given antibiotics and never given hormones.

Great taste and good for you. Kids love them!  Can store in fridge but they are also shelf stable for weeks so take them on your next camping trip.

3.5 oz total per package

Grassfed beef, spices (salt, spices, mustard, garlic), dextrose, celery powder, lactic acid starter culture, cherry powder and a collagen casing.

To learn more about Rain Crow Ranch and their animal raising and processing practices, please visit