Bones, Knuckles, approx 5lb


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Grassfed beef bones from Rain Crow are the delight of cooks and chefs to use for making broth.

Homemade broth is so much better than the canned or boxed variety. Preparation of broth is remarkably easy and has such depth of flavor.

I make it in big batches and store by the quart in the freezer. Beef stock is a culinary staple that takes okay soups, gravies and sauces to out-of-sight soup, gravy and sauce.

Adding simple ingredients on this foundation of savory broth creates a real culinary experience. So many multiple uses for RCR Grassfed beef broth but it is loaded with nutritional advantages (fantastic source of minerals) as well.

Knuckle bones add extra collagen to broth and the marrow is one of the best nutrients on the planet.

Rain Crow grassfed beef knuckle bones are great to give dogs for healthy, safe chewing. This is important to support clean teeth and breath in dogs as well as provide minerals and nutrients they would have in the wild.

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