Cacao Butter, Raw Unrefined, approx 1/4 lb


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Price Per Pound

$19.95. Packaged in approx 1/4lb tubs. Final price paid by weight at TFC.

Product Description

Organic and raw.  Used for many skin care and lip balm recipes, and of course confectionary.

This cacao butter, sourced through Wilderness Family Naturals, is different from most standard Cacao Butters. It contains no chemicals, no hexane and no solvents, is not manufactured with the use of high heat, not refined or deodorized.

Cacao Butter, which many call cocoa butter, is the main component of white chocolate and comes from the cacao bean (The bean that is used to make all chocolate products).

Typical processors begin fermentation of the beans while they are still in their pod. After a few days, these beans are then separated from the pod and roasted. Typically significant heat is required for roasting. Once roasted, the cacao bean is slightly crushed with a heavy roller, breaking both the shell and the bean into smaller pieces. After this procedure it is easy to blow the lightweight shell and chaff away. The chunks of the bean that remain are called cacao nibs. If these beans are ground, they will become a product called chocolate liquor. If this liquor is pressed, it will become cocoa powder and cocoa butter.

Usually the cocoa butter is then refined so that all the fragrance and flavor of cocoa is removed (they say this gives the cocoa butter a longer shelf-life), and generally the cocoa powder is alkalized with sodium hydroxide. (They say this enhances the flavor of the chocolate). We do not believe that either process improves the product in taste or longevity.

This cocoa butter is different. The freshly picked pods are not fermented! Instead, the fresh beans are separated from the pod and air dried (at low temperatures). Next the beans undergo the roller to break the outer membrane which is blown away. The beans are then ground and pressed to remove the oil. Because the process does not contain any fermentation or heat the resulting raw cocoa butter and raw cacao powder is not bitter and the mild chocolate flavor and aroma will cause anyone to salivate.

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