Cacao Powder, Raw, Non-Fermented, Organic, 1lb


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From our partners at Wilderness Family Naturals!

This Raw Cacao Powder has been tested for heavy metals: Mercury, Lead, Arsenic and Cadmium are all below detectable levels!  Click here to see the results.

Cacao is the bean that chocolate is made from. In its raw state, it contains more antioxidant flavonoids than red wine, green tea and blueberries. Our raw cacao is high in fiber and vitamin C and a good source of iron and protein!

Non-fermented cacao products are made from the same cacao beans as described above except that once the pods are opened and beans separated there is no fermenting.  That step is simply “skipped”.  Raw cacao products such as non-fermented cacao powder and non-fermented cacao butter have a milder chocolate flavor than fermented cacao.  The “bitter chocolate” taste that is prevalent in most chocolates is greatly subdued when there is no fermentation and non-fermented cacao/chocolate is significantly milder (not as strong).

This non-fermented raw cacao powder is created by cold-pressing raw, organic cacao beans into a pressed cake separating the oil (cacao butter) from the protein and fiber. The temperature is never allowed to exceed 120° F and is usually 104° F (all other cocoa powders are exposed to temperatures as high as 300° F!). A high-accuracy thermometer monitors the process. The remaining dry ‘cake-like’ material is then cold-ground and fine-milled so that only the finest raw cacao particles become the finished product.

WFN non-fermented cacao powder is USDA certified organic and raw. This powder comes from a small family farm where they grow their crops on their own land, using the same sustainable methods that have been used for generations. This cacao powder is guaranteed to be free of heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides. It is imported from the Dominican Republic and packed by Wilderness Family Naturals in the USA.

This raw cacao powder has antioxidant activity as exhibited by an ORAC score of 1549 μmol TE/g, higher than any other raw cacao powder.