Chops, Boneless 2 per pkg, 1/2″ thick cut, apprx 0.5-0.75lb total


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Using heritage breeds (Berkshire X Duroc X Red Wattle), Rain Crow pork has more marbling. That makes the pork juicier, more tender and imparts wonderful flavor.

Rain Crow pork is raised on open pasture allowing the animal to fulfill its natural biological and behavioral instincts like rooting and wallowing. Living a non-stressed life of a happy pig just makes better pork. Rain Crow Heritage Pork is raised without antibiotics or animal by-products and is never held in confinement.

These Rain Crow pork chops are 1/2 inch in thickness and perfect for the grill.

To learn more about Rain Crow Ranch and their animal raising and processing practices, please visit www.RainCrowRanch.com