Free Range Chicken Wings (4-6 wings) 1.5 lb.


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Price Per Pound:

$5.93. Average package is 1.5 lb. Final price determined when weighed by TFC.

Product Description

Arriving in time for Super Bowl Sunday:

US Wellness Meats’ Free Range Chicken Wings are a necessity for every tailgate, barbecue, or Super Bowl party! Feel free to add your favorite rub or BBQ sauce.

US Wellness Meats’ free range chickens are raised on pasture with a salad bar of grasses, legumes, and insects. The limited amount of grain US Wellness Meats’ free range chickens consume is Non-GMO. They are also antibiotic and hormone free.

Once you experience the flavor of US Wellness Meats’ outdoor birds, you will never want to eat commercial birds again.

Each package contains approximately 4-6 wings and weighs approximately 1.5 pounds.