Ghee – Organic, pasture-raised


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Delectable, Traditional Organic GheePurity Farms Ghee is made in harmony with nature, from organic sweet cream butter from pastured cows on small, certified organic family farms

13oz glass jar

Purity Farms Ghee (Clarified Butter) is made from Grade AA Sweet Cream Certified Organic** butter. Through a traditional Indian method, they cook the butter until the water and milk solids are removed clarifying the butter. The result is ‘traditional’ Ghee – a rich, golden, semi-soft spread for the best in cooking, baking, or sautéing. The taste – superb!

Ghee is the mainstay of many culinary traditions around the world. Cooking with Ghee is so easy! It takes the place of butter in all of your cooking! Just a little Ghee gives a rich, buttery flavor to all your favorite dishes.

  • Melt it over hot breads and vegetables
  • Great for sautéing- resists smoking at high temperatures

Ghee is an oil with a long, fascinating history. Ghee has been a staple in Indian cooking for centuries. Besides being a practical way to preserve butter, Ghee was renowned for it’s medicinal and rejuvenating qualities. Ayurveda, the ancient natural healing system of India, regards Ghee as a vital food.

* They have their Ghee tested in an ISO certified lab. The lactose test results are below the detection limit of 0.22%. The casein tests below a detection limit of 0.11%. The detection limit is the lowest quantity of a substance that can be distinguished from the absence of that substance.

** Certified Organic – by Oregon Tilth (OTCO) and independent agencies. In addition to a certified organic vegetarian diet, the cows are never given drugs or hormones of any kind.