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Perfect Protein by Maximized Living, French Vanilla


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600gr (1.32 lbs) – 20 servings – Gluten-free.

From our partners at Maximized Living!  In our opinion the highest quality protein powder available.

No artificial flavors, additives or colors. Naturally sweetened with Stevia. Whey protein derived from naturally-raised animals.

Quality protein makes up the building blocks of a healthy body by repairing muscles and bones, providing a source of energy, and boosting your metabolism.

Maximized Living’s Perfect Protein comes from cows that are grass fed year-round on pastures without the use of pesticides and herbicides that have never been treated with hormones, steroids or fed genetically modified food, so you get essential amino acids and none of the toxic chemicals. Best of all, our protein comes from 100% concentrate whey, which means it hasn’t been chemically processed so it’s closer to the way nature intended it.

Unlike other whey protein powders, Perfect Protein has added vitamins and probiotics, and remains intact through our delicate, low-temperature processing. And it’s naturally sweetened with stevia, so it contains no artificial flavors, additives or colors.

Other Ingredients: Stevia Leaf, Natural Vanilla flavor, Sea Salt

Casein and Gluten Free

Directions for use: For optimal health, take one serving daily. Enjoy Perfect Protein mixed with 1 cup of water, juice, milk, or preferred beverage after exercise, or as a full meal or snack. One serving is equal to one level scoop of Perfect Protein, and provides 20 grams of bio-active whey protein, plus vital nutrients needed on a daily basis.

Pregnant or nursing women should consult with a qualified health professional before taking this product.

An important part of Maximized Living’s
5 Essentials™.