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Any milk ordered by Monday 9:00am, is purchased for pick up anytime after Tuesday 3:00pm and labeled with your name and held for you.  (If you decide come a week later you still must take your milk and not exchange for more recent delivery)

If your milk order coincides with a meat order you’re welcome to pick up together.   

1/2 gal, in BPA-free plastic jug.

Baldwin Brook Farm sits on approximately 80 acres of lush green pasture and woodlands and is surrounded by stone walls, native and wild flower gardens, orchards, vegetable gardens, and a large New England covered bridge that must be crossed each time you enter and exit the farm.

Baldwin Brook Farm, LLC is a raw milk dairy farm that is licensed by the State of Connecticut Department of Agriculture and is located in the town of Canterbury. The farm is owned and operated by the Newton family.

In November 2004, Chris and Mavis purchased their first Jersey milk cow named Bambi. Today, Baldwin Brook Farm milks all Jersey cows. The cows are a pastured dairy herd and are rotated daily to new paddocks of green pasture from mid May through late October. During the winter months the cows eat primarily dry baled hay and are allowed outside at all times, unless severe weather makes it unsafe.

Baldwin Brook Farm is committed to providing superior quality farm products and maintaining integrity for sustainable farm practices in their daily management.

FAQ’s from Baldwin Brook’s site:

FAQs on Raw Milk

What is raw milk?
Raw milk is milk taken directly from the cow, cooled, and then bottled without pasteurization or homogenization.

How long does the milk last?
With a refrigerator that stays between 36 and 38 degrees, a bottle of our milk will not sour for at least 20 days from the day it was bottled. The date on the cap is the store shelf life expiration date. The milk was bottled seven days prior to the cap date.

Are you organic?
We are not certified organic, although our natural farming practices provide a “nearly” organic product. Nor do we give the cattle added hormones such as rBST. We do buy feed from reputable sources that do use some fertilizer to grow their crops.

Is this milk safe for my children? Can I drink raw milk if I am pregnant?
This is a question that parents must research thoroughly and feel comfortable with their decision. However, when Mavis (one of the owners of Baldwin Brook Farm) was pregnant, she drank raw milk throughout her entire pregnancy.  She had a very healthy pregnancy. When their son turned one, he began to consume raw milk and he too has been very healthy.