Sample Kit #1 – Temporary Relief of Discomfort


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 You are going to receive 4 samples of the below oils that will help you experience temporary relief of discomfort or soreness.

We love this sample package for multiple reasons. The kit we have put together is something we get great results with for our customers. Here is why we recommend each of these products for temporary relief of minor aches and soreness. Be sure to read below instructions for proper usage and desired results.

Deep Blue – rub on sore areas with a carrier oil
Frankincense – take internally in a veggie capsule
Lemongrass – along with deep blue rub on sore areas
Lemon: a few drops in a glass of water
***Not Included: carrier oil, typically Fractionated Coconut Oil is ideal
Along with the above kit, It’s imperative that you avoid refined sugar and grains, chemicals in the home including perfumes, cleaners, pesticides and herbicides. All of the above can contribute to inflammation and soreness in the body. Consider removing dairy protein from your diet as well which for some people can be inflammatory. Grass fed milk and butter is typically OK due to its higher omega 3 content.
Drink plenty of purified water
Deep Blue: ingredients in deep blue are specifically targeting soft tissue inflammation and include wintergreen, helichrysum, roman chamomile are just a few of the main ingredients in Deep Blue specifically formulated to penetrate tissue and help with temporary relief of minor aches and pain.
Frankincense: Systemic support of a healthy inflammatory response, nervous system toner and soft tissue support
Lemongrass: Specifically helps with joint discomfort and minor aches and soreness
Lemon essential Oil: Supports detox pathways, helps with the production of glutathione, the master antioxidant, which helps decrease toxic load and impact toxins have on cells and joint discomfort.