Side of Pork x2


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You want a whole pig? You can get it AND save money! Items are listed below and packaged individually in vac-sealed bags. This makes it especially easy to split your sides with multiple families.

Costs $1,196 if you purchase each item from us individually.

Your bundle price is $855 – this is $35 off ordering two sides individually!

Total finished, packaged weight = 170 pounds.

Qty. Weight Item
48 8 oz. 1″ Boneless Pork Chops
16 14 oz. 1″ Pork Steak
20 1# Cured Natural Bacon
40 1# Sausage Chubs
40 1# Ground Pork
4 3# Pork Roast
2 7# Spare Ribs
2 3# Baby Back Ribs


Sorry, no substitutions.Rain Crow Ranch pork is raised with respect. Respect for the land by the use of sustainable pastoral practices. Respect for the animals in the attention to high animal welfare. And respect for the consumer because it is healthier for you.

To learn more about Rain Crow Ranch and their animal raising and processing practices, please visit www.RainCrowRanch.com