Sirloin Tip Roast, approx 3lb


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Carved from the muscle along the back of the steer, the sirloin tip is a luxurious roast, like the four-star version of chuck shoulder or brisket. It’s still a lean cut, but it doesn’t need the same extra-long braising to bring out the flavor and tenderness: if you love roast beef and want to splurge a little on something special, this is definitely the cut for you.

Rain Crow Ranch cattle are 100% grass-fed, grass-finished, certified organic, and raised with pride on an American family farm. They never use antibiotics. Their cattle is never exposed to added growth hormones. Their beef is certified for high animal welfare and never confined to a feedlot.

Dr. Patricia Whisnant and her family carefully and personally oversee every aspect of production, processing and marketing direct to customers to give you the “Healthiest beef on the planet”.

To learn more about Rain Crow Ranch and their animal raising and processing practices, please visit