New York Strip Steak: 1 x 10oz


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Now offered as a single steak. Same low price per pound.

If you’re craving intense beef flavor, look no further than Rain Crow Ranch’s New York Strip Steaks. Their succulent flavor and tenderness make them crowd-pleasing grill favorites. Their New York Strip Steaks are cut 1 ½ inch thick, making them ideal for grilling.

Remember, grass fed beef requires 30% less cooking time, so be cautious when cooking. They recommend an internal temperature of no more than 130°.

When you want the fork-tenderness of tenderloin, but want intense, beefy flavor, they highly recommend using a Jaccard Meat Tenderizer. This tenderizer has won the prestigious Gold Medal presented by Chefs in America, and is the easiest way to produce a great steak with no marinade masking the clean flavor or your grass fed strip steak.

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