Stew Meat, apprx 2lb – Savage Hill, Berlin CT


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Perfect for your next beef stew or chili!

We are proud to offer product from our friends at Savage Hill Cattle Co. at Matson Farm which is located in the geographic heart of Connecticut, in Berlin.

They utilize Black Angus cattle crossbred with Wagyu cattle (Wagyu cattle produce the meat more commonly known as Kobe beef). This allows them to take advantage of the superior hybrid vigor traits or heterosis of a crossbred animal which makes them more hearty, healthy and naturally productive. As a result, all of their animals are kept outdoors in a low stress environment year round, sometimes with the exception of a young calf and mother in very inclement weather.

Producing quality grass-fed beef is no easy task; they have found the introduction of Wagyu genetics into their operation has made an enormous impact on the flavor and tenderness of the beef. They are now able to produce an even better grass-fed product without compromising the quality you would expect!

They are a small operation that values old fashion farming techniques and humane treatment of all their animals. They DO NOT use any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides anywhere on their property, in turn this allows a diverse group of soil microbes to improve nutrient cycling and deliver more trace minerals through the food chain and eventually to you. They pledge that they will never use artificial growth hormones, antibiotics or other drugs in our cattle.

All of the beef that they sell from their farm comes from cattle that have been born and raised on their farm in accordance with strict husbandry practices. This eliminates the possibility of introducing animals that can be sick, diseased or not raised to our standards.