Suet, approx 1lb


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Discover the health benefits of cooking with omega 3 and CLA-rich 100% grass-fed tallow!

Suet is the unprocessed fat which can be easily rendered into tallow. Simply cut into small dice, or grind, then heat on low heat or in a crock pot until all the fat is rendered and water bubbles stop tricking to surface (takes many hours).  Strain and cool.  May be kept in refrigerator for many months, or frozen.

Tallow is naturally pure white to light yellow in color with omega 6:3 ratios similar to fish, and sizable amounts of CLA.

Other uses for tallow include:

  • any application where lard is used for cooking or frying
  • add it to vegetable dishes or ground beef for increased flavor and nutrition
  • pastry chefs love the beef tallow for baking savory dishes
  • making your own pemmican
  • making tallow candles
  • making tallow soaps
  • making skin creams

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