Tripe, Beef Honeycomb, approx 1.5lb


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US Wellness is pleased to introduce honeycomb beef tripe from our grass-fed beef producers on the Island of Tasmania where cattle graze year-round in a utopia environment for grass-fed beef production.

Our honeycomb tripe has not been chemically treated, but steam cleaned in a unique process that yields a very healthy honeycomb tripe for your favorite recipe. Honeycomb tripe originates from the bovine reticulum, or the second of four chambers in the bovine stomach system. It is recognized as the most tender and meatier of the three families of beef tripe. A staple in Menudo (Mexican) soup or an interesting addition to fajitas.

Each Honeycomb Tripe package averages 1.5 pounds.

All our beef products are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished

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